Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fame (2009)

Fame 2009
If you're looking for a musical that is about dreams, school and talents, that is not that cheesy like Glee and Highschool Musical, here's Fame that will surely touch your hearts.

When  was in second year in college, I heard about the screening of Fame here in the Philippines but haven't got the chance to watch it. So just recently this year, when my thesis mates and I were having overnight cramming in Antipolo, I was able to watch a copy of Fame in my friend's computer.

Honestly, I was so amazed in the performances, especially the flash mob in the canteen. I was also teary-eyed with the characters' storylines. The movie was filled with characters who have conflicts in themselves, with others, and with the harsh realities of showbusiness. Personally, watching the film made me think back the times when I was performing in Mediartrix and in our church. Nowadays, I'm teaching theater at our church and truly rusting in my acting skills already. I miss the days when I was dreaming about myself having a career in theater. I even applied for a Theater Arts course in UP but unfortunately, didn't pass. My family also opposed my choice back then, which is pursuing such course. It's not that I feel regretful now. It's just that I miss it. I miss performing.

The movie also gave me insights how to teach acting properly. Also what other acting games could I give.
(actually, I'm very familiar with the game they played there).

However, the film was a type of film that you should watch by yourself, or else, you will focus on the short and few production numbers. The plot was good but should be taken in complete attention and with high enthusiasm or else, you would just be bored. Also, all characters have this kind of twists in their storylines by the end of the film that I think was supposedly to be the climax. However, I think that's not enough. It didn't reach a certain level that would take your breath away. It's really kind of boring on those parts.

Fame 1980
Additionally, I found out that the movie was a remake of a film in 1980 with the same title that eventually turned to a series. I found out that it had so many differences, making the 2009 film loosely based from the original. The 1980 film (though I haven't watched it) was a kind of querulous movie that complements the events of that time. Now, they made the 2009 film very child-friendly and really HSM-like. One thing that I liked in the movie compared to High School Musical is that the songs weren't the lines of the actors and just mere performances. It made the movie real. Also, the movie's ending was a blast with the tear-jerker production number. And they said that it was better than the original.

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