Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Separate Peace

"What I mean is, I love winter, and when you really love something, then it loves you back, in whatever way it has to love."

"Sarcasm... the protest of those who are weak."

"Everything has to evolve or else it perishes." 

My copy of the book
when you feel like reading a novel that has sense to it, a considered modern classic, and one that will take you on the edge of your seat, it's A Separate Peace by John Knowles.
I enjoyed this book very much despite the characters' shallow problems and frustrations. I enjoyed it because of Gene and Finny's untarnished friendship and respect to each other. I also liked the creation of Leper's character because it spoke for in behalf of the young teenage boys who joined the war. I enjoyed Finny's imagination and his extraordinary talent in inventing new games and impossible reasons to everything.

My favorite part in the novel was the part where Gene instead of heading to Devon, he made his way to Finny's mansion. That part where the two spoke to each other after the tree accident made me both feel "kilig" and sad. Kilig because the book looks like a gay-oriented novel, seriously. At first I thought they were going to fall in love to each other. Also because of what they said to each other, the assurance of one that he does not feel bad or mad to the other makes me feel uber kiligness. However, I feel sad, too because Gene feels so guilty of what had happened and I don't know how but reading Knowles' words make you feel what the characters are feeling. The novel was too compelling, vivid, and emotional for me.

the copy that Nat'l Bookstore has
I bought this book in booksale after reading Perks of Being A Wallflower, where it was mentioned there. It's funny because I have so many books in my hand already and then, I saw it--under the shelves, at the back of other paperbacks. Actually, for so many years I've been staring the re-printed version of this in National Bookstore. But it's so expensive there, But I really want to buy it even though I only know that it's author has won a Pulitzer Prize and just died in 2003 and that  it's about a lonesome feeling feeling boy studying in a war-spared dormitory school during WWII.Looking at the cover, It makes me already feel sad, but then, it just ends there. 

AND finally, finding a booksale very cheap copy of the book (when it was first released in the 1960s) made me to buy it without second thought.

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