Thursday, September 8, 2011


so loooooong personal blogs!

Yes, as you can see, I've renovated my blogspot because I want it to have a theme from now on. And of course, I don't want anymore to talk about my personal life here. If ever I want to rant on someone or something, I would might as well rant it on Twitter or Facebook. Hehe. So. Welcome to the new inFOCUS.

Here, you will see my reviews about the books I've read, how and where I bought them (or downloaded them.. shhh!), and how I felt when I was reading them. You see, this isn't a review column actually, rather a collection of personal entries about my books. :) Oh, and I will show you also the bookstores I've been to.

Next is the part where you could read my reviews on movies. MUSICAL (high-pitched) movies I'm soooo in love with. If ever I could have the chance to watch live Musical plays, I would definitely put it also here.

Speaking of movies,  I will include movie tie-in books... those awesome books turned to lousy movies (Ok fine, just kidding). I'll give you comparisons, deleted/revised scenes parts (whatever!) and of course, review. And speaking of musicals, I will also devote here a part where I would review my favorite (and not-so-favorite) standard songs.

*in case you do not know standard songs, they are the jazz/ballad/big band songs that stood the tests of time after gaining popularity in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s, and were covered by so many song artists and remains a favorite until today.*

So there you go. Brace yourselves (AND GOD! GIVE ME PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE AND DILIGENCE TO DO THIS IN SPITE OF ALL MY SCHOOL AND CHURCH WORKS) as I bring you to my book shelves, playlist, and dvd/vcd collections... :)

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