Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wonder Boys

For my first book/movie review, I give you, the 1995 novel, Wonder Boys, written by Michael Chabon.

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vie poster that is also the my book's cover

So I was able to read this book back in grade 6? 1st yr? sometime like that... when I was starting to appreciate reading books. I saw this in my sister's dusty bookshelf and found it ULTIMATELY off for me because of its complexity, vocabulary, collegiate grammar,and theme. I found it difficult to comprehend. Then... when I entered my Second year in high school I think, I read it all over again (together with some other books I read before yet I didn't understood that much. There, finally... I liked it.

You see. It was so long ago. That only the striking parts did remain in my mind. The flying off of 2611 pages of manuscript, the death of a dog by a gun, the jacket of marilyn monroe, the dungeon-like bedroom of James Leer, the greenhouse.... those remained in my memory for quite some time until I managed to finally watch the film just last month. (thanks to the pirates) And I'm telling you, I THINK it was a close adaptation.
Simply because they retained the parts that I remember do I claim that the movie starring Michael Douglas was really excellent in adapting the wonderfully plotted novel. BUT of course. I think that's inaccurate also because of the fact that I don't remember that much already.

Now let's criticize the film. First, I am so proud with the actors. Katie Holmes, Michael Douglas, Robert Downey, Jr., Frances McDommand were excellent. And of course.... the one who really in my opinion did the greatest job in the film was Toby Maguire. Seriously. Not because of his looks, but because of his stoned childish weird dark comic portrayal of James Leer. 

Next is the production. For me, the movie was able to capture the simplicity of the settings in the novel juxtaposed to the incredible happenings round it. Pittsburgh, the location of the story in the novel, was also the location of the film. By saying "production" I include the chancellor's house, the auditorium and Professor Tripp's apartment were truly captivated.
To conclude, I really do enjoyed the film. as well as my reading of the novel. Hope you read it or watch it sometime :)

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